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   We will provide you with car insurance that gives you quality protection at a great price. Every policy comes with the support of a knowledgeable, friendly, and local agent. With personal attention and service, you'll have the information you need to choose the car insurance coverage that makes the most sense for you. Our carriers offer a variety of discounts, and options, so you get what you want at a price you want.




   We will get you a homeowners policy that helps cover property damage from fire, lighting, windstorms, hail, explosions, smoke, vandalism and many types of theft. If you are forced out of your property due to covered damage, your homeowners coverage may also help pay for additional living expenses (such as a hotel) while the repairs are being made. We can even provide additional coverages for things like, contents of freezer, water/ sewage backup, and equipment breakdown.




   An umbrella policy offers liability coverage beyond your home and auto insurance. It protects you against personal injury damage if you are legally liable, as well as, defense and attorney costs, protection against defamation of character, loss of earnings, and even interest on unpaid judgments and premiums on appeal bonds. Umbrella insurance is an inexpensive way to protect yourself against a major lawsuit.  




   We can provide you with a renters policy to protect your personal belongings, as well as liability coverage to protect you in the event of an injury on your property, or if someone else's property is damaged in your possession. Renters insurance covers things like your TV, home decor, furniture, washer and dryer, clothes, jewelry, and a lot more! Let us find a policy that fits your needs, for as low as pennies a day.


Personal Package Policies, Customized to Fit Your Needs.


We provide a full line of personal insurance products to meet all of your protection needs. Our carrier companies offer competitive pricing & superior claims service. We are proud to offer a variety of personal insurance products to all of our clients.



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