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Bonds For Your Business


Notary Bonds:

   A notary surety bond is written with the expectation that the notary public will faithfully perform the duties of the office as notary public as prescribed by state laws.


License/Permit Bonds:

   License and permit bonds guarantee that the Principal will comply with municipal, state or federal rules and regulations regarding the occupational license or permit they hold.


Conservators Bond:

   A Conservator Surety Bond serves to induce the Conservator of a minor, incapacitated individual, or deceased person to handle the affairs of the Conservatee according to law.


Motor Vehicle Bond:

   A motor vehicle dealer bond, sometimes also called a DMV bond, used car dealer bond, or auto dealer bond, guarantees that the motor vehicle dealer complies with all federal laws, state laws, local laws, and tax and judgment guidelines that relate to motor vehicles.


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